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Years & Years: ‘Communion’ Review & Album Giveaway!

My introduction to Years & Years happened slowly and escalated exponentially – like what happens when one tries heroin one too many times or what happens when one starts watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning. I first heard their music by way of reference – my incredibly gay friend with an incredibly good taste in music sent me their song, “Real,” and said: “OMG you will love them and the lead singer is GAY ily.”

He was right. The lead singer is indeed a young gay. And they’re great. It only took one listen (okay, three + a really great remix on soundcloud) to become addicted (heroin reference).

The breakout British electronic pop trio, comprised of lead singer and keyboardist Olly Alexander (gay), bassist Mikey Goldsworthy and synth player Emre Turkmen, mixes a deeply original sound (think house meets R&B meets electro pop meets Bangerz in like the tiniest way) with intuitive, clearly soul-searched lyrics that make you want to scream: “YOU GET ME” when you’re alone or with other people. I don’t know your life. It doesn’t matter. This band makes you want to emote.

Their just released debut album Communion is a cerebral fuckfest of synthetic melodies and melt-in-your-mouth hooks meticulously served with a side of heartbreak and remorse. The narrative of the album is that of the tumultuous and ever-so relatable struggle between attraction and demise – opening with the hauntingly muted and lyrically potent “Foundation,” which gives listeners early insight into the depth and creativity they can expect for the duration of the album.

Olly‘s ability to access and showcase his vulnerability stands paramount throughout the 13 songs featured on Communion. Whether you’re listening to the up-tempo anthems like “King” or “Desire” or you’re indulging in the more lugubrious songs such as “Eyes Shut” or “Memo,” each song is faceted with authenticity, which is super difficult to come by in pop music nowadays. All in all, Communion is definitely worth a listen start to finish. Anyone who appreciates the aesthetic of an alternative sounds should give this one a try. In celebration of the release, Jon ALi is giving away THREE copies of Communion – ENTER BELOW!

Review written by Jonathan GrazianoWebsite | Twitter | Instagram

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