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Introducing: Kwabs ‘Fight For Love’

Meet Kwabs, a 25-year-old British singer-songwriter with a rich, soulful voice that brings to mind the vocals of Seal circa Batman Forever and any number of Y2K era R&B belters. Over the last year Kwabs has gained much praise thanks to his numerous single releases; everything from “Pray For Love” to “Walk” to “Saved” to “Perfect Ruin” has earned him the coveted “one to watch” title in the UK. One of my all time FAVES Jessie Ware has also recognized much of Kwabs’ work and maybe that’s all you need to know. Musically Kwabs is somewhat of a male Jessie Ware: warm, powerful vocals laid over electronic soundscapes that make for contrasting but gorgeous listening experiences.

Fight For Love“, the latest single off his upcoming debut album Love + War (due out September 11th via Atlantic Records), is one of those rare songs that capture your attention the moment it begins. There’s a definite ’90s house influence in the dance-centric production, which we’ve heard a lot of from many UK acts lately, and it would play perfectly along side any singles from the likes of Karen Harding, Jess Glynne, and Disclosure. “Why would I fight for love?/ Why would I pay to hurt myself?/ Yeah, there’s still nothing to hold onto but your pride, yeah/ Why would I fight for love? Why can’t I fight for something else? There’s still nothing to hold onto but your pride,” Kwabs croons above the smooth pulsations.

Makes sense to me. “Fight For Love” has been on heavy rotation ever since it dropped and I’m STILL living for it! Yay for new Seal!

BUY Kwabs “Fight for Love (Blonde Remix) [Radio Edit]” on iTunes now!

-ATP aka Andrew Tyler Price-


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