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Premiere: Mathieu Blue – ‘EveryTime’ (Matt Blank Summertime Remix)

Mathieu Blue, if you’ll recall from back in June, is a good ol’ New York-based country-pop prince on the rise.

His debut single “Everytime” remains a emotional delight since the day it dropped, but it’s summertime and we all need some uplifting don’t we? What better way to keep the song pulsating on our playlists than a brand new remix, courtesy of remixer/producer Matt Blank?

The previously unreleased mix slathers on warm, shimmering layers of warm house pulsations, strings and some soaring synth progressions, giving the acoustic-driven original a bit of a summery stomp. A perfect addition to your gym playlist, no?

Check out the premiere of Mathieu Blue’s “EveryTime (Matt Blank Summertime Remix)” below.

BUY Mathieu Blue’s “EveryTime (Matt Blank Summertime Remix)” on iTunes now!

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