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Rihanna Kidnaps A Bitch In ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ Music Video!

The wait is finally over!!! As promised over the weekend, Navy leader Rihanna has officially dropped the music video for “Bitch Better Have My Money” and its fucking epic! The clip, which she co-directed with Megaforce, sees the legend of no fucks getting gangsta as she kidnaps a rich white “bitch” and takes her on a ride for her life. It’s completely ridiculous and amazing all at once. MOTHA has delivered!

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  1. The violence! 🙁 Aside from the violence, captivating video. Heard a rumor that the blonde girl in the video is Taylor Swift (Since Rih and Katy are supposedly friends) Final scenes, blood all over Rih could reference Taylor’s “Bad Blood” single — which is about Taylor & Katy’s fued!

  2. We get it, Rihanna. You’re black. Yawn.

    1. We get it Jaime, you’re racist. Yawn.

      1. I think Jaimie is funny, learn to get a sense of humor. This song is dumb and ghetto theres no meaning or purpose.

        1. Dislike the song all you want Bob, but the fact that you just associated “ghetto” with “black” is not funny. It’s ridiculously ignorant.

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