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Austin Mahone Offers Up Some Grown & Funky ‘Dirty Work’ – Listen Here!

It’s no Secret (reference) that I love me some teen pop, but if I’m speaking truthfully, Austin Mahone has never been my cup of tea, songs like “Mmm Yeah” featuring Pitbull and “What About Love” literally make me want to vomit (and not in the I wanna be skinny way).

This week, I’ve had a change of heart all thanks to the (early) release of “Dirty Work,” Austin‘s brand new single off his upcoming full-length debut album. The bass-heavy cut, which brings Justin Timberlake to mind, sees the teen idol toying with some “dirty talk,” if you will, above a horn-heavy ’70’s-inspired disco production provided by hit-makers Sean Douglas and The Monsters and the Strangerz. “It’s the dirty work, somebody’s gotta do it/ Dirty work, so we’re getting into it/ Dirty work, go and get your body moving/ You know it ain’t no nine to five, we’re going sundown to sunrise/ Dirty work,” Austin croons above the funky pulsations. That’s growth you’re hearing! Easily the best cut he has put out yet, it’s a summer smash-in-waiting – GO OFF AUSTIN!

BUY Austin Mahone’s new single “Dirty Work” on iTunes now!


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