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Little Boots Pumps Up The Bass On ‘Working Girl’ Cut ‘Get Things Done’!

Little Boots is here to brighten up your hump day! Following the release of the addicting “Working Girl” and the smooth “No Pressure,” the English songstress is already back at it with even more fierce pop cuts from her upcoming third studio album, Working Girl.

This week, she drops one more ahead of the LP’s July 10th release: “Get Things Done,” a booming sweep of synth-pop greatness. “We go out, stay late/ Make no mistake (We know how to get things done)/ Truth, lies, we’ll fake/ We make or break (We know how to get things done),” she sing-songs off the bouncy bass-pumping chorus. Like “No Pressure,” it’s a darker, more dramatic affair (the album’s already sounding more cohesive than anything she’s ever done), packed tight with sticky hooks and repeat-heavy rhythms. YES PLEASE!

Pre-order Little Boots’ new album Working Girl on iTunes now and receive “Get Things Done” instantly!

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