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Beyoncé, Katy Perry, & Nicki Minaj Cameo in Madonna’s ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ Music Video!

You’re gonna love this! Cause she’s a bad bitch! Madonna has recruited some huge fellow superstars to cameo in the music video for her latest single from Rebel Heart, “Bitch I’m Madonna” featuring Nicki Minaj, which she just debuted via TIDAL (Yay! said no one..). The Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip sees Madge decked out in a studded pink jacket and leopard-print Moschino dress as she dances her way through a hotel and nightclub where there’s a party going on in every corner. It’s basically an exaggerated version of her Tonight Show performance from back in April. Along the way there’s a chalk full of cameos from her famous friends including Beyoncé, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Diplo, Rita Ora, Chris Rock, Miley Cyrus, Alexander Wang, model Jon Kortajarena, and of course Nicki, who appears via a TV screen to spit her verse. It’s a whole bunch of fun so I ain’t mad at it one bit.

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  • Jasmine

    It was hard to watch the whole video because the song is so whack. I think she should get her teeth fixed. I find it very impressive for a woman going on 60 to still look this great and have a nice body. If her teeth were fixed then everything would be on point.

    Other than that I thought the video was…colorful. 🙂

  • michael

    Bitch…I think I’m 22. Madonna is getting harder and harder to watch. In the past few years it seems that she has become a total spoof of her once self, and more of a follower of trends rather than the once powerhouse trend setter. Someone needs to give her a reality check at tell her she is only embarrassing herself at this point. I don’t think she realizes how many of these celebs are probably secretly laughing at her.

  • musicmandave

    I’ve been a fan of Madonna for many years and there does come a time when you need to stop and tell yourself “I’m 50+ years old now, I need to change things up a bit and act my age” This video just makes her look desperate and cheap. Don’t get me wrong…I love her to death and she is the queen of pop but common now. Let’s tame it down a little and make songs and videos that fit a new generation. Your the queen of revamping yourself and we know you have enough talent and money to fulfill all your fans with good genuine music that fits where you are today. You can stay current without all the sleaze and drama now… Love you always and forever Madonna!!!!

  • abe

    I usually don’t like her current music but this song is actually kinda good when compared with the music on the radio. Cool video too

  • DJS

    Madonna is and will remain Madonna, the most succesful female artist of all times. She has accomplished it all, so why wouldn’t she have fun now? ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ video has it all: catchy, gorgeous, fun…perfect for the summer! Because…bitch she’s Madonna

  • Drew

    Terrestrial radio isn’t going to play her stuff so fuc* it. She should put out whatever she damn well pleases. “Ghosttown” and “Living for Love” were examples of perfectly good pop songs that were age appropriate (with gorgeous videos to boot) and no one paid attention. If this crazy song and accompanying video gets her relevent again, then so be it.

    With that said, I miss classic euro-dance Madonna. Confessions was pure gold…her forays into light urban pop haven’t really resonated with audiences and the folksy stuff is an acquired taste. I wish she’d stop trying so hard and just deliver quality pop music with that quirky edge that she used to be known for. her antics are ridiculous for a woman of ANY age, let alone a 57 year old. The thing is, she doesn;t need all of that stuff when the music is good enough which frankly, lets be honest, it hasn’t been.

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