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Introducing: Mathieu Blue ‘EveryTime’ – The Debut Single Premiere!

Happy Tuesday y’all! The time has come to formally introduce Mathieu Blue, a New Hampshire-bred singer-songwriter currently living in New York City.

While he’s been a hustling entrepreneur in the background for a few years now, Mathieu has also dedicated some substantial time in the recording studio gradually developing a sound for himself. His influences range from Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight to Phil Collins and Garth Brooks. Another fact? Mathieu is one of the hardest working people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know… and he’s easy on the eyes too.

This week, Mathieu is officially stepping out with his debut single “EveryTime,” the lead track off his upcoming EP Here (out September 8th).

The aching power ballad is Grade A contemporary country-pop—the kind of stuff taken directly from the songbooks of classic ’90’s singer-songwriters but with the powerhouse vocals, heartfelt emotion and charm of a good ol’ country boy infused with a little bit of a Nick Lachey likability (his doppelganger for sure). “Eveytime I think of the time that we would think of the time we’d spend together/ Every now and then I can hear you in my head, you said it’d be forever,” he confidently croons over the accompaniment of gentle guitar strings and crescendo-ing percussion.

In today’s musical landscape where male country-pop acts like Andy Grammer, Sam Hunt, and Steve Grand can successfully find an audience, there’s no reason why Mr. Blue can’t do the exact same. He can sing, whisper, cry, and well-up like a real soulful country-pop star should. I’m all in!

“EveryTime” is available now on Spotify, Beats, Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes!

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