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No More Mister Nice Guy! Bonnie McKee Returns with Killer New Single ‘Bombastic’!

If anyone is truly deserving of a moment, it’s Bonnie McKee.

For the past few years, the talented singer-songstress has developed quite the impressive resume penning smashes for some of pop music’s biggest names — from Katy Perry (“California Gurls,” “Wide Awake,” “Part Of Me,” “Birthday,” etc.) to Kelly Clarkson (“Alive” and “Bad Reputation“) to Christina Aguilera (“Let There Be Love“) to the legendary Miss Britney Spears (“Hold It Against Me,” “Inside Out,” and “How I Roll“).

And after a brief re-debut in 2013 with “American Girl” and “Sleepwalker,” Bonnie is finally ready to return to us once again with her very own proper smash: “Bombastic,” the lead single from her upcoming 4-tack EP of the same title (out June 30th).

The Sean Walsh, Charlie Puth, and Andreas Axident-co-written number lurches forward on top of finger snaps and a sick, electro-trap beat before bursting into a totally nuts, rock/metal-influenced electro chorus that immediately feels like an instant ear-worm. “You know I’m bringing bombastic/ I’m feeling freaking fantastic/ Turn up the music, and blast it/ You know I’m playing like no more mister nice guy, I’m bringing bombastic,” she declares. It’s big, wild, bold, and unexpected — just like a song called “Bombastic” should sound.

You did the damn thing girl!

Pre-order Bonnie McKee’s new Bombastic EP on iTunes and receive the title track instantly!


  • Idolizer101

    Trust me when I say I want to love her. But for someone who writes these amazing singles the ones she is keeping for herself is making me want to cry for her. This isnt ground breaking and wouldnt hold up to the singles that the artists she writes for, are releasing. I liked her hair color in the first video better then this platinum Blonde.

    As well if we are talking about the concept for this video its really cheesy and so bad that it makes Eric Prydz – Call On Me look like a masterpiece.

    I am pretty sure its 3 strikes and your out.
    Sorry, but not sorry about this.

    I would change this song to Cr*ptastic.

  • Sam S.

    Absolutely love it. Unlike anything on the airwaves at the moment and spilling over with energy. Hopefully this one sticks for her. The campy video is the cherry on top. Really great production value and so well done, if a little over the top in a gratuitous manner, but it’s 2015 and you’ve almost got to be these days. Well done, Bonnie.

  • musicmandave

    OMG Jon, NO! Another Earth Girls Are Easy meets Olivia Newton-John’s Physical. I thought Britney and Iggy’s song was horrible. I’m surprised you haven’t put up Katharine McPhee’s new one “Kiss My Lips” That’s a comeback single…NOT.

  • bLaine kelley


    it all reminds me of JC Chasez’s “A.D.L.I.D.A.S”

    fucking killer song, bad ass 80’s trash video,….that song, bored so i’m sure this one will too, but i Love it none the Less.

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