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Katharine McPhee Makes Comeback with Sexy Summer Jam, ‘Lick My Lips!

Katharine McPhee, our beloved American Idol diva is indeed back at it again.

The Scorpion star hasn’t properly released music since she dropped her holiday themed Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You in 2010. And, of course, there was her underrated Ryan Tedder and Bonnie McKee-penned Smash offering “Touch Me” two years after.

But she’s returned this week, as promised, with the premiere of “Lick My Lips,” the lead single off her upcoming album Hysteria.

The comeback track co-crafted by Florence & The Machine’s Isabella Summers and Sam Sparro is all sorts of sexy summer greatness. Colored by funky guitar licks and a slick, shimmering ’80’s-tinged electronic sheen, the flirty tongue-and-cheek jam is pretty immediate from the first listen, showcasing Kat‘s effortless chops above a bouncy throwback beat. “You make me lick my lips, you’re my favorite flavor / When we kiss, I just wanna savor every drop of it/ I can’t get enough / You make me wanna lick my lips, my lips,” she sweetly sings on the infectious hook. It kind of recalls early Mariah Carey/Yours Truly Ariana Grande/Katy PerryBirthday” but not in a way where you feel like she’s trying to mimic what’s already been done. Katharine‘s playful approach manages to keep things fun and fresh. She sounds truly wonderful, a great sound for her.

“It’s probably my most summer-y, carefree song that I have on the album,” Katharine told Billboard. “It’s a fun thing for me to come out with because it’s really a representation of me. We did the video a couple weeks ago and there’s so many sexual innuendos…but the fun thing about the video that goes with it is I’m not playing into it at all. So for me, it still kind of keeps its classiness to it but it’s definitely got this really sexy deal, and I think it all goes hand in hand with me coming into my own. I feel really comfortable with who I am and embracing all the different sides of me.”

BUY Katharine McPhee’s comeback single “Lick My Lips” on iTunes now!


  • FluteMusic88

    Ugh… I love Katherine. Her voice is phenomenal, and clearly, she’s got all the resources to be huge. She’s got the fan base and name recognition from Idol, Smash, and Scorpion. She’s got the financial backing and support necessary to be successful. She’s got so much talent and potential. And yet, she ends up with this? It’s so bland and generic. Seriously, why can’t this girl get a good song!? And why does she keep going or getting pushed in this kind of direction, when her voice was meant to sing beautiful, meaningful songs?! It’s like a gourmet chef reduced to cooking McDonald’s food. Such a waste. So disappointing.

  • Chad

    She’s so talented, but this song and video…no, just no. *sigh*. I’m going to need her to make better choices.

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