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Adam Lambert Takes Us Deeper Into ‘The Original High’ with ‘Another Lonely Night’ & ‘Evil In The Night’!

Adam Lambert is here to brighten up your Friday! Following the recently released chilly r&b-styled “Underground,” the American Idol alum is already back at it with even more fierce pop cuts from his Max Martin executive produced third studio album, The Original High.

This week, he drops not one, but two new tracks from the upcoming LP (out June 16): “Another Lonely Night” and “Evil In The Night

The first song “Another Lonely Night,” is a brooding dancefloor killer that organically builds along a slow-moving piano melody and finger snaps, leading all the way to what is a genuinely great feeling trance-infused dance break. To no one’s surprise, the song offers up some effortlessly strong melodies — that “another day, another lonely night” hook is a major earworm — resulting in some rather thrilling musical medicine for anyone going through a break-up. It’s sad disco in its most purest form.

And then there’s “Evil In The Night,” a slightly more experimental affair as far as production is concerned. “Baby, your love is a crime / Danger by day, but you’re evil in the night,” he sings as the track suddenly dives into a thrilling, stuttering breakdown of glitchy vocals and electronic beats. His playfulness and almighty vocals are on full display in this one and I’m absolutely living for it. I’m already sold on this album – WIN!

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