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Exclusive Video Premiere: Aaron Pfeiffer ‘Can’t Shake This’!

In the video for Aaron Pfeiffer‘s debut single “Can’t Shake This,” crafted alongside Los Angeles-based producers Justin Portis and Eric Denniston, the New York-based singer-songwriter battles his inner demons. “I’m a very passionate person and ‘Can’t Shake This‘ really allowed me to express my hypersensitivity and obsessiveness when I’m in a relationship,” Aaron told Jon ALi. “When you’re in love and with someone long enough you begin to build an almost scary strong bond with each other that causes you to be very vulnerable. It gets to a point where your most deepest and hidden insecurities, flaws, and weaknesses begin to show. At first listen one may think ‘Can’t Shake This‘ is metaphorical for shaking the other person off when really it’s talking about yourself being your own worst enemy. The tribal mask in the video designed by Ryan Lee Ostrowski represents those internal voices and insecurities we all have as individuals. The mask is lurking around and sort of chasing me, but really, it’s me that I’m running away from. It’s those personal flaws we are afraid of facing when we are in our most vulnerable state, i.e in love.”

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