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Wynter Gordon Returns With Emotional Ballad ‘Bleeding Out’!

Wynter Gordon has finally returned to us — and this time, it’s probably not what you were expecting.

With “Bleeding Out,” the first single from Wynter‘s upcoming Five Needle EP out on June 2, the New York-based singer-songwriter takes us deeper into her more organic, soulful acoustic-led folk sound she’s been consistently evolving through the years. Think Florence + The Machine meets Lana Del Rey. “You got a hold of my heart now / You took a piece and you cut it out / you crawled up under my skin, under my skin, I’m bleeding out,” Wynter cries on the heart-breaking hook. The beauty of the ballad lies in its heartfelt simplicity. I’m looking forward to hearing more of Wynter‘s pop-folk gems – Get into it!

BUY Wynter Gordon’s new single “Bleeding Out” on iTunes now!



  1. You cited it as “Bleeding Love” but the YouTube audio says “Bleeding Out”

    Always love Wynter!!

    1. Thanks for that, clearly I’m sleep deprived

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