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Years & Years Get It Perfectly Right Again With Next Single ‘Shine’!

Between “Desire,” “Take Shelter,” “Worship” and “King,” which scored them their first ever UK #1, Years & Years have already given us plenty of reason to believe that their long-awaited debut studio album, Communion (out July 10), will be one of the best records of 2015.

Today, the UK trio dropped “Shine,” their shimmering electronic stomper, due out on July 6 — and it’s only further proof that these boys are here to stay. “It’s shaking the sky/ And I’m following lightning/ I’ll recover if you keep me alive/ Don’t leave me behind/ Can you see me I’m shining/ And It’s you that I’ve been waiting to find/ I’m holding it all tonight, I’m holding it all tonight,” frontman Olly Alexander dramatically croons above an infectious house-tinged pulse. Grab a few tissues before you give this one a spin, “Shine” is one of those rare disco anthems that can make you feel sad and happy all at once. Mature dance-pop at its finest, I can’t get enough.

“The metaphor of ‘shine’ and ‘shining’ comes from the way somebody can make you feel totally brand-new and special and re-made in the light of their love, but how that can feel incredibly unstable and overwhelming and make you want to destroy yourself,” Olly explained to DIY mag.

Pre-order Communion, the full-length debut album from Years & Years on iTunes now!

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