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Jessica Sutta Teams Up With Rico Love On New Single, ‘Let It Be Love’!

Jessica Sutta is back at it again!

The former Pussycat Dolls member has truly taken over the dance scene in the past few years thanks to her one-off collaborations with dance masterminds like Paul van Dyk (“White Lies“), Dave Audé (“I’m Gonna Get You“), and S-X (“For Myself“), as well as her very own club hits, including “Lights Out,” “Candy,” “Again,” “Bottle Bitch,” and “Show Me,” which snatched the top spot on the Billboard Club Chart back in 2011.

Now, she’s ditching the thumbing dance beats for something A Little More Personal (Raw) with the premiere of her new single, “Let It Be Love” featuring Rico Love, the lead track from her long-delayed debut album Feline Resurrection. The song, written by Rico and produced by her frequent collaborator S-X, ought to surprise some of you: It’s a sumptuous electro-ballad driven by a stupid good blend of moody, echoing trap-light beats and Jessica‘s full-bodied chops. “Someone’s knocking at the door right now / Dear God, please let it love,” she cries on the hook. “So long I’ve been waiting for right now / Ooh God please let it be love, let it be love.”

A nice and welcomed change of pace for Jessica. I’m totally on board. Get into it!

BUY Jessica Sutta new single “Let It Be Love” feat. Rico Love on iTunes now!


  • Daniel

    If Lights Out and Show Me did practically nothing for her (I know Show Me was a No. 1 club hit, but did nothing on the Hot100), why would this song do any different?
    Lights Out was brilliant and should have made an impact; Let It Be Love, on the other hand, is pretty awful. Sure, a change of pace, but Sutta’s vocals are pretty weak and the Rico Love feature adds nothing to it. The production is bland as well. A massive filler in my opinion. She should stick to club bangers and move away from this electro-ballad mess.

  • robbie

    I have to disagree with Daniel so what if she didn’t chart on the hot 100 she took top spot of the dance charts and still takes part of the top spots there. I like this change of pace for her it really shows her vocal chops better and proves she is a good vocalist. She really truly caters to her fans and has kept us happy all these years with her song choices keep it up Jess I’m so happy with this song and can’t wait for your highly anticipated album

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