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MIKA Becomes King Of The Cardboard Jungle In Video For ‘Talk About You’

You have to appreciate Mika‘s commitment to aesthetic. With the exception of just a handful of videos, his visual output seems to be part of one cohesive vision. While certainly theatrical, he’s undoubtedly a fully-realized artist embracing the niche he has carved out for himself.

Talk About You” is the first single released from Mika‘s fourth studio album No Place In Heaven coming out June 16 via Republic Records. In the just-released clip, we see Mika‘s infectious verses brought to life as he gushes about his lover amongst a cardboard cityscape, jungle, desert and one very realistic car. Admittedly, the car does seem a bit out of place in all this fantasy, but it’s just a result of product placement which is the reality in today’s music industry; I actually have no problem with it. The video is super cute and Mika effortlessly showcases his sophisticated yet playful style. Those suits he’s wearing are EVERYTHING. I want them all.

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