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Ciara Drops Second Official ‘Jackie’ Single, ‘Dance Like We’re Makin’ Love’ – Listen Here!

With less than a week left to go until the May 4th release of her sixth studio album Jackie, Ciara drops her second official single, “Dance Like We’re Makin’ Love“! As I mentioned in my exclusive Jackie review, the Dr.Luke-produced late-night banger is one of the album’s most major moments.

“It’s really late / You’re getting close and the lights are off / You’re body is in-sync to the beat of my heart / and I can feel your nature rising while I unwind on you,” she smoothly coos above a sparse, tripping drum beat. It’s a slick production from start to finish, but it’s that instant earworm chorus that truly seals the deal: “Let’s dance like we’re makin’ love-luh, uh, uh-uh-uh-uve!”

With the sonically similar “I Don’t Mind” by Usher already dominating the airwaves, there’s no reason why “Dance Like We’re Makin’ Love” can’t mimic its success. It’s a smart move for single number two and easily the best vocal we’ve heard from CiCi in years. What do you guys think?

Pre-order Ciara’s sixth studio album Jackie (Deluxe) on iTunes now!


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