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Mariah Carey Completes Greatest Hits Collection with New Single, ‘Infinity’!

As she gets ready to launch her residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on May 6, Mariah Carey debuts her brand new single, “Infinity“! The track, which she co-wrote and produced, is an empowering breakup anthem that seems to be aimed directly at Mariah‘s ex Nick Cannon. “Close the door, lose the key / leave my heart on the mat for me / I was yours eternally / There’s an end to infinity,” she belts on the soaring chorus layered atop a mid-tempo R&B beat. The track will be featured on the upcoming reissue of her #1’s greatest hits compilation, #1 to Infinity, due out May 18 via Epic Records. It doesn’t necessarily scream big radio hit or 19th #1, but it’s undeniably a solid Mariah Carey record that she clearly had a lot of fun making. From the shady lyrics to the ridiculous ad-libs to the glittery flourishes to the hilarious cackle at the end it’s clear that this one is for you Lambs.

“This song really means so much to me, and that’s because I think everybody can relate to it,” Mariah said in a statement. “It’s about loving yourself first before anybody or anything else in the most positive way.”

BUY Mariah Carey’s brand new single “Infinity” on iTunes now!


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