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Brandon Flowers Gets Nostalgic on ’80s-Flavored ‘Desired Effect’ Cut, ‘Lonely Town’

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is a gift that keeps on giving. Following the release of his addictive lead single “Can’t Deny My Love” and the retro-styled “Still Want You” from his upcoming second solo album The Desired Effect, Brandon offers up a third taste titled “Lonely Town“!

The track provokes a super-infectious sense of nostalgia with its smooth gliding, arena-sized production that recalls the punchy stuff of Haim‘s 2013 debut record, Days Are Gone. “Spinnin’ like a Gravitron / When I was just a kid / I always thought that things would change / But they never did,” he coos above layers and layers of warm synthesizers. I’m completely obsessed with this one. With its strong ’80’s pop influence, the song wouldn’t sound out of place on a soundtrack to any of John Hughes’ classic films . The Desired Effect is three for three – Bring on more!

Pre-order Brandon Flowers’ second solo studio album The Desired Effect on iTunes now!


  • mac

    I LOVED Hot Fuss…and was so excited for their next album but they kinda lost me…this and Cant Deny My Love has brought me right back to why I loved Brandon in the first place. So good. I hope the rest of the album album is as good as this. Not really in to Still Want You though…I found a new track on Google Play called I Can Change, it was debuted via BBC…there are radio rips on Youtube.

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