Adam Lambert Makes Triumphant Return with ‘Original High’ Lead Single, ‘Ghost Town’!

Since Adam Lambert‘s announcement back in January, it’s been apparent that he is NOT fucking around with his third studio album, The Original High.

And now we know that statement to be true with the premiere of “Ghost Town,” the lead single off the upcoming LP (due out June 16th).

The song itself opens with Adam softly singing above spacious guitar strums. “Died last night in my dreams / Walking the streets of some old ghost town / I tried to believe in God and James Dean but Hollywood sold out,” he coo’s before the acoustics are dropped away and morphed into a chill-inducing chorus that is short on lyrics but big on hook. “Now I know my heart is a Ghost Town,” Adam then declares over a throbbing deep house beat and a creepy, infectious whistle. As the song continues to build, it becomes bigger and bigger, but it’s never over-sung; the opposite of what we’re used to hearing from the American Idol runner-up. It’s carefully layered and produced to perfection.

Ghost Town” wasn’t what I was expecting at all from Adam, it’s the kind of song that forces you to really listen the moment it begins. When it comes to pop music, this is undoubtedly a good thing so I say WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN. The song is major.

1. Ghost Town
2. The Original High
3. Another Lonely Night
4. Underground
5. There I Said It
6. Rumors (feat. Tove Lo)
7. Evil In The Night
8. Lucy (feat. Brian May)
9. Things I Didn’t Say
10. The Light
11. Heavy Fire

Deluxe Edition:
12. After Hours
13. Shame
14. These Boys

Pre-order Adam Lambert’s new album The Original High on iTunes and receive “Ghost Town” instantly!

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  1. FluteMusic88

    Absolutely genius! If this doesn’t blow up on the radio and become a major hit, there is something wrong with the world! Sadly, since there is plenty wrong with the world, it could happen, but there is nothing wrong with this song! Epic!

  2. Rick

    I’m a fan of his music but I’m not really digging the chorus. The verses sounds good but it basically just builds up to some whistling, which I just can’t get into.

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