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SLO Takes Us Deeper Into Her Heavenly Dimension with ‘Shut Out Of Paradise’ & ‘In My Arms’!

After making an unexpected return with her unbelievably good single “Fortune” last month, British songstress Jess Mills is already back at it with more velvety smooth dream-pop under her new moniker, SLO!

This week, she drops two new tracks from her upcoming 4-track EP (out May 3rd): “Shut Out Of Paradise” and “In My Arms.”

Much like their predecessor, “Shut Out Of Paradise” and “In My Arms” are both purely heaven-sent, soothing productions driven by atmospheric sounds and delicate piano notes that recall the lushness vibe of Jessie Ware and the sensual soulfulness of Sade. While both are must listens, SLO‘s “Shut Out Of Paradise” is undeniably the true standout. “Because in our madness there is a perfection / Where do you end, where do I begin / You’re my broken imperfect reflection, the kiss on my skin,” she softly sings over warm synths and light pulsations. If this is paradise then I’m totally in.

With each track, I feel like I’m diving deeper into SLO‘s sleek and sophisticated dimension.

I’m in love – Bring on track four!

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