Katharine McPhee Plots Summer Comeback with New Single, ‘Lick My Lips’!

It’s no secret actress, singer, and star of NBC’s Smash, Katharine McPhee has been plotting a musical comeback of some sorts for quite awhile now. Last time we heard anything about it was almost exactly two years ago – THR announced she was reviving her music career with the release of a new album via Columbia Records – but due to her booming acting career, Kat put her fourth studio album on hold to take on a leading role in CBS hit Scorpion.

And now with season one of Scorpion ending next week, Kat has confirmed some details about her new album, including plans to release the lead single in just a few weeks. Yes, you read that correctly: Katharine McPhee will have a new single titled “Lick My Lips” out this summer!

I am putting out a new single in a couple weeks,” teased McPhee, who just wrapped a Diane Martel-directed music video to support the song titled “Lick My Lips.” The track was written by Florence and the Machine member Isabella Summers (aka Isa Machine) for McPhee’s upcoming — and still untitled — new album (release date TBD). “The song is very tongue-in-cheeky and samples a Luther Vandross song. It’s a fun summer song, and I’m excited about the body of work as far as the album goes because this record is something I’m very connected to — like a diary of what I’ve been through.”

In the background of a recent Instagram post from the set of the video Kat shared, you can listen to a snippet of the upcoming single, “Lick My Lips” – I AM SO READY!!!!!!!!


  • FluteMusic88

    Unfortunately, just from the title of the song, I feel that she may be repeating mistakes made from her first album. She tried to be mainstream pop/r&b, when her voice is special and suited to soulful or classic sound.

    Over It was actually pretty good, but Love Story was a not so great choice as a second, and a lot of the songs on the album were generic pop, which didn’t show off her voice. And some were just ridiculous like Open Toes.

    Her voice really shone on Home, Better Off Alone, and Ordinary World, but it felt like they were buried among the mediocre stuff, like she didn’t WANT to be doing serious ballads, even though that was what she was born to sing.

    SO hoping I’m wrong because I love her and her voice.

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