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Madonna Debuts Post-Apocalyptic Music Video for ‘Ghosttown’!

Madonna debuts the official music video for her latest Rebel Heart single, “Ghosttown“!

Directed by Jonas Akerlund, the clip kicks off with Madge discovering she is all alone after nuclear devices were detonated essentially everywhere from New York to London. She explores whats left of her location until she is found by co-star Terrence Howard (Empire), the two embrace each other and break into a gorgeous ballroom dance routine until the video comes to a close. A beautiful visual from start to finish, everything from the setting to the costumes were on point and The Queen looked legitimately gorgeous throughout. LOVE! LOVE!

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  • James McCoy

    This is surprisingly good! Her best video and song in years. I think she saved this era with this! Loved the dancing scene.

  • GSF

    With the leaks & some shaky Living For Love performances, this era definitely got off to a rough start but I’m s glad she’s regained her foothold
    Between this video, her Bitch I’m Madonna performance on Late Night & her #LivingForSockPuppet IG campaign Madonna been going from win to rebellious win

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