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Introducing: Aaron Pfeiffer – Listen To His Debut Single, ‘Can’t Shake This’!

Let me formally introduce Aaron Pfeiffer, a name you’ll want to keep your eye on as we dive deeper into 2015.

After spending the last 4 years hustling hard, writing and performing all over New York City, the 27-year-old Pittsburgh native has confidently cemented his sound and is finally prepping the release of his 5-track debut EP, Nightcall. Here we have “Can’t Shake This,” Aaron‘s debut single, crafted by Los Angeles-based producers Justin Portis and Eric Denniston. And it is, as us music lovers like to say, quite the bop. In fact, the soulful electro-throbber is insanely addictive, rich with twinkling synths, a pulsating drum beat, and a slight ’80’s sheen. It’s a slick production from start to finish, but it’s really that instant infectious chorus that truly seals the deal: “I can’t shake this, I can’t shake this feelin’ anymore / You’re the one running away from us / I can’t shake this, I can’t shake this feelin’ anymore / I should have known better,” he declares.

With handsome looks at his disposal and a sexy, smooth voice capable of commanding a fresh tune, there’s no reason why Aaron shouldn’t be making some serious moves very, very soon. One to watch? I say YAZZZZZZ!

BUY Aaron Pfeiffer’s debut single “Can’t Shake This” on iTunes now!

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  1. Great catchy tune, good beat and vocals! Hope it shakes up the charts!

  2. Unreal soul soul and then some!!!!! Can’t wait for more!!!!!!


  4. Know Aaron very well. More than happy to see his music on your blog!!

  5. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! So happy and proud to see Aaron’s music out for everyone to hear! Bravo! Thanks Jon!

  6. Aaron is the epitome of hard work and determination. This sounds amazing!! Love it!!

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