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Hilary Duff Comes Firing Back with Killer New Single, ‘Sparks’!

Praise the music gods, Hilary Duff has made her return to dance-pop! Following the lukewarm response to her first two folk-driven comeback tracks released last year “Chasing The Sun” and “All About You,” Hilary went rushing back into the studio to work on some fresh new bops. The outcome comes to us today with the premiere of “Sparks,” Hil‘s super catchy whistlin-heavy pop jam co-penned and produced by a fabulous troupe of hit-makers: Tove Lo, Peter Thomas and Bloodshy. “Turn the lights down low and kiss me under the dark / Cause when you’re touching me baby I see sparks / You make my heart go…,” she seductively sings over infectious pulsations. The song is sure to give Dignity fans one big sigh of relief; it’s like the older, more sophisticated version of “Play With Fire.” If this doesn’t put her back onto pop radio then I’m not sure what will. Justice for HD! What do you guys think?

BUY Hilary Duff’s new single “Sparks” on iTunes now!


  • Idolized101

    While I agree much better then previous singles this would have been better if we got rid of those dumb whistles and just added a wicked dub bass drop. Who told her whistles are awesome? Let me guess Flo Rida?! Remix please.

  • Mo

    This is incredible! Her voice, the lyrics, and the whistles are a great combo.

    To the comment about how she should have done dubstep… Honey, no. That’s so 2011,its not even cute. Dubstep and edm are out. This is fresh and cute! Yasss hil

  • JT

    I completely agree with Idolized101 and not MO. The whistles bring this song from a potential top 10 to.. Why can’t Hilary make a mature pop-dance song? I still love the song, maybe I am bias – I love HD! However, adding a little more bass would ensure this song would make it a little further in the charts! It may be conforming to ‘typical dance sounds’ right now, but we all know – that’s what makes a top 10! And of course HD cares about that, why else has she move from folk to pop-dance?

    • idolized101

      @JT THANK YOU I AM NOT CRAZY!!!! I was waiting for this killer build up then whistles….argh Hill Billy Bee-Bop. Lyrics are so great on this track.

      I will say I enjoy this better then the last too singles.

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