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Kat Dahlia Finds Herself A Bae in ‘I Think I’m In Love’ Music Video!

You can fall in love more than once y’all! At least that’s the case for Kat Dahlia in her brand new music video for “I Think I’m In Love“! Directed by Sam Lecca, the clip sees the 24-year-old singer-songwriter pacing around in her apartment as she discovers that she is indeed “in love again” while adorable scenes of herself and her pretend bae are played in-between. They cook, they sunbathe, they smoke blunts together, it’s one big ‘ol fucking love-fest. In all seriousness though, Kat looks gorgeous and the visual fits the song perfectly – A win in my book! What do you guys think?

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  • DJH

    A big departure from her previous songs/videos… the video was a bit generic for me, and I feel like they’ve toned down her personality. Big fan of the song though.

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