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Fifth Harmony Get Bo$$y for ‘Worth It’ Music Video feat. Kid Ink!

After scoring their biggest hit to date with “Sledgehammer,” the girls of Fifth Harmony are moving forward with the music video premiere of “Worth It” featuring Kid Ink! Directed by Cameron Duddy, the clip sees the fierce five-some rocking some BO$$-ready attire as they take charge of some male employees in between shots of them dancing in front of a stock market ticker. Messages like “Women In Power” and “Feminism Is Sexy” scroll across the screens and its all very YAZZ GIRL POWER. They’ve officially stepped their pussy’s up and I’m all for it. What do you guys think?

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  • Draco's Malfoy

    Mehhhh. Love the song and hope it’s the one that launches them into radio legitimacy. Still not 100% feeling this forced PCD vibe. I did see the Reflection tour live – and it was great. Although something still feels off, I truly hope this does well so they can continue working towards superstardom. They might just be a second album kinda group and this is just a continuation of the incubation period. Only time will tell. Also, I hope “Like Mariah” is the 3rd single!

  • Carl

    I’m really surprised by these girls. After the hype that surrounded them on the X Factor I though they would explode, but they’ve fizzled at best.

    Everything they’ve produced has been done a hundred times before & it’s been done better. Personally, I get the vibe that they’re being forced into singing the songs they’re singing. They don’t look or sound like they 100% believe in what they’re doing in any of their songs/music videos & I think that’s what is a little ‘off’ about them.

    Hopefully they’ll deliver a killer second alubm because right now they’re just floating by on mediocrity & that wo’nt cut it for very long.

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