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Azealia Banks Gets Animated for ‘Ice Princess’ Music Video!

After going interactive for her “Wallace” visual earlier this month, Azealia Banks gets fully animated in the music video for her latest Broke With Expensive Taste single, “Ice Princess“! Directed by We Are Monkeys, the CGI clip sees the Harlem rapper channeling Medusa with venomous snakes in her hair as she rules a ice kingdom. She gathers her army of ice warriors and rides a giant serpent through the sky while battling robotic ninjas and its all a little too literal for my taste. Some of the close up shots look pretty cool but I think all of this could’ve been more interesting had it not been animated and it was still the same concept – A real-life interpretation would’ve been dope! Props for delivering something different though. What do you guys think?

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  • Mark Cubes

    If this were a white person putting black face paint on, this would be considered racist. But for a black person putting white face paint, it’s fine. Stupid society. (I’m not complaining about the video, I think it’s cool… but just saying the double-standard our society has and what they call racism vs. art / paying homage)

    • cruz

      First off she’s supposed to be made of ice – not posing as a white person.

      Secondly – There is a double standard there for a reason buddy. Read up on the history of black face before you complain about double standards.

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