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Jess Mills Returns As SLO with Dreamy New Single, ‘Fortune’!

Jess Mills is back, but not quite in the way I was expecting. For those of you not already familiar with the British diva, Jess initially made a name for herself back in 2011/2012 with the release of her fantastic, synth-pop cuts “Live For What I’d Die For,” “For My Sins,” and her gorgeous Anita Baker rework of “Sweet Love,” which was featured as my Song of the Week almost exactly two years ago.

Now she’s back with, “Fortune,” her new single performed under new moniker SLO! And mercifully, nothing’s really changed — she’s picking up right where she left off. The light and sparse ballad comes equipped with a ambient sounds, lingering electronica flourishes, and layers and layers of dreamy harmonies. “Take me away with you and let’s drive / Take me away with you by my side / As we get lost, I feel better, will fortune favor the brave / So take me away with you and let’s drive,” she sweetly sings on the hook. There really aren’t enough nice things I could say about this, its absolutely captivating – I’m in love. Look out Slo‘s self-titled debut EP in May!

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