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Madeon: ‘Adventure’ – Stream The Full Deluxe Album Now!

Madeon‘s anticipated debut album Adventure isn’t due out until next week, but lucky for us, the 20-year-old French producer is allowing fans to stream the new record in full on iTunes Radio First Play ahead of its scheduled release on March 31 via Columbia Records. “I was very intentional in the way I designed it. When I started it, I had a very pure idea of how I wanted it to feel, and I feel like the end product is still fairly similar to that intention,” Madeon told Bullett about the album. “Obviously there were twists and turns in making an album full of surprises, but I think in the end I still stayed faithful to that intention. For me, I was very interested in the contrast between the excitement of social interaction and isolation; one second you’re talking to people at a party and the next, you’re walking home alone in the middle of the night and it’s silent around you. It’s the stark contrast between interaction and loneliness. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I found that transition interesting and felt like it applied to so many different aspects of my life. For instance, the contrast between touring in this hyper-active lifestyle, and producing at home. I would alternate between those two highly contrasting lifestyles and was interested in having a blueprint of an album that started with these happy, sparkly, sometimes juvenile emotions, and then progressively got a little more solitary and contemplative. Visually, I pictured it as walking from this futuristic city into this desert of loneliness.” In addition to his amazing singles “You’re On” and “Pay No Mind” featuring Passion Pit, the 18-track LP also includes appearances from Bastille‘s Dan Smith and Foster The People frontman Mark Foster. Listen to the deluxe edition of Adventure on iTunes Radio First Play now!

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