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Charli XCX: ‘Famous’ Video Premiere!

Charli XCX has released the official music video for her latest single “Famous” in conjunction with the upcoming 2015 YouTube Music Awards! Directed by Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), the clip features a Charli-obsessed fan attempting to dance to the song until things take a turn for the worse, and she is abducted into a very odd parallel universe where iPhone’s and social media has taken over people’s lives. It gets increasingly dark as the story continues but it’s all in good fun. I love that Charli doesn’t take herself too seriously, the visual is great. What do you guys think?

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  • LaLa

    Song is actually GREAT. Charli is hot and a EPIC song writer. Hope she sticks around, this VIDEO WAS AMAZING, made a great point and didn’t fall into the THIRST TRAP that is MK Ultra or Illuminati symbolism.

    I took the message as pop music and pop culture keeps people young, and the lead girl is reaching the age of 18-21 where she’s still young, but “older” compared to the teens in the end of the video and she needs to grow up and focus on her future or become a adult who’s obsessed with being young (like the elderly pop zombies that are attacking her) Loved the reference to how social networking/young obsession and pop music can be the “Belly of the Beast”

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