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Jon ALi Interview: Jazmine Sullivan On Her ‘Reality Show’ Tour, Album, & More!

After four years away from the spotlight, Jazmine Sullivan finally made her long-awaited return this year with the release of her third studio album, Reality Show! The follow-up to 2010’s Love Me Back featuring the Meek Mill-assisted “Dumb” and the amazing soulful ballad “Forever Don’t Last” is easily her finest work to date. A few weeks ago, I caught up with the super-talented Jazmine to talk about her new album, her Reality Show Tour, her future single plans, and much more. Check out my interview with Jazmine below:

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Jon ALi: You were just on Good Morning America. I love that you performed “If You Dare,” it’s one of my favorites off Reality Show.

Yeah! Thank you. I was actually surprised because Good Morning America specially asked if we can do “If You Dare,” and usually everyone wants me to do the ballads. I wasn’t planning on performing it for awhile, but it worked out perfectly for the morning, it’s a fun and lively song to perform. I had a lot of fun doing it.

Jon ALi: Yeah, I was stalking your Twitter and I was happy I was able to catch that you were going to be on. I also saw that you were tweeting about the Oscars and the big Selma performance. It had me thinking that you should be up on that stage singing. Have you ever thought of doing more film stuff?

[Laughs] Yes! Hopefully one day. One of my dreams is to work with Disney and do some songs for a soundtrack or help with scoring. “In Love With Another Man” was featured on Tyler Perry‘s Temptation and that was able to happen, but yeah, I would love to do more soundtrack stuff and get involved with scoring. That would be fun.

Jon ALi: For sure, you gotta get on that. So what are you up to now? Are you still in New York?

We are actually in Philly now. I’m rehearsing for the tour.

Jon ALi: That’s right! You must be pretty excited about hitting the road again. What can we expect from this tour? Will you mainly be performing songs off Reality Show?

Yeah! I’m super excited about this tour. We’re trying to fit as many songs as possible from this album. We obviously can’t do every song. I’ve been looking on my Twitter and Instagram to see what is everyone’s favorites. There’s a lot to choose from so we might just switch it up every night depending on the city.

Jon ALi: That sounds awesome. What I really love about Reality Show is that there is so much to take from it. You don’t stick to one particular sound. Your voice brings it all together, but there’s just so much to consume sonically. Is that something you set out to do with this record?

Yeah, definitely. I don’t really like to box myself in one sound. I love music and all different types of genres so I always try to translate that into my own music.

Jon ALi: There’s also so much to choose from single wise. Do you know what your next single will be?

Yes, there is a single chosen. I can’t really say anything yet though, so everyone will just have to wait and see.

Jon ALi: I totally get it. We can wait! I do hope we get a lot of singles this time around though. There’s so many of these songs that I would love to see a visual for.

Yeah! I feel like we can stretch this album out for awhile. I would be happy with that because I really want people to get the full experience of these songs. I hope we can do at least five singles, that would be cool.

Jon ALi: Is there any song in particular when you were recording it where you were like ‘I have to make a video for this’?

I really love “Mascara,” it’s written in a way where you can kind of already see the story. I know we would be able to do something great that would work with the lyrics. I can also see one for “Brand New,” but really, almost all the songs can get a video. They each tell a different story so we can really make it happen for any of them.

Jon ALi: Yes, I completely agree. The tour is also going to be a great way for you to play around with that. What are your down time tour rituals? I know being on tour can be pretty time demanding, so on your free time what do you like to do? Are you going out to party with your girls or are you just chillin back at home watching movies?

I’m definitely a homebody so If I’m not working then I’m just home. My friends are always getting mad at me because they be like ‘let’s go out and turn up’, and I’m all like ‘no thank you, I’m okay’ [laughs], but from time to time I’ll go out and have a drink or two. I’m not a big party person. A little here and there is fine with me.

Jon ALi: Make sense to me! A girl gets tired. You’re busy giving life to everyone on stage, makes sense that you would want to just take it easy after your shows.

[Laughs] Yes. Exactly, exactly.

Jon ALi: Are you listening to anything while you’re on tour? What music are you into at the moment?

You know what, I feel like I’m not really listening to too much. I’m still kind of in album mode. I try and keep myself secluded from different sounds and whats out there now when I’m working. That’s just the way that I am. If I listen to something that I really like I’m afraid it’ll sneak into my own music. Even before I was recording this album I was listening to a lot of Frank Ocean and I could hear myself singing like him because I love his album. So lately I’ve just been doing the same. I haven’t been listening to too much since I’m on tour and stuff but I’m sure I’ll be getting back into it soon.

Jon ALi: I get it, I get it. You get really inspired by what you’re listening to so it makes sense.

Yeah, exactly.

Jon ALi: Well thank you so much for taking time to talk to me Jazmine. I don’t want to keep you from rehearsal. Continue doing your thing with the album because It’s truly great, I really love it. And good luck with the tour, I’m super excited to see you in New York!

Thank you, Jon. I really appreciate it. Take care!

BUY Jazmine Sullivan’s third studio album Reality Show in stores or on iTunes now!

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