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Introducing: Lauv ‘The Other’

It’s time to meet Ari Leff, a New York-based songwriter/producer/singer who’s just launched his new musical project, Lauv! He is 20. He is unsigned. But judging by his just released debut single, “The Other,” he may not be for much longer. Written alongside Michael Matosic, “The Other” is a late night R&B-infused pop number driven by sensuous ambient sounds, a steady electronic pulse, and warm piano lines gently floating in the distance. “Who wrote the book on goodbye? / There’s never been a way to make this easy / When there’s nothing quite wrong but it don’t feel right / Either your head or your heart, you set the other on fire,” Lauv lusciously coos across the smooth production.

“The song is about coming to the scary point in a relationship where something in you starts to question if the person is really the one for you, if the love is really as true as you thought,” Lauv told Jon ALi. “The lyrics tell the story of the internal battle you go through coming upon a break up. You don’t want to admit it to yourself or to the world, but it just doesn’t feel right.”

Sometimes, the beauty of a song lies in its simplicity, and that’s exactly what’s happening here.

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