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Ricky Martin Readies English Album with New Single, ‘Mr. Put It Down’ feat. Mr. Pitbull!

Just one month after earning his sixth Latin chart-topping set with A Quien Quiera Escuchar, Ricky Martin is back at it again with the premiere of his new single, “Mr. Put It Down“! The Pitbull-assited number will serve as the lead cut from Martin‘s forthcoming English-language project, due out later this year via Sony Music. Co-written by Martin alongside Aaron Pearce, Jeremy Hunter, Keith Ross, Gavriel Aminov and Armando Pérez, “Mr. Put It Down” is a pulsating dance-pop jam that comes packed with a modern disco sound and your typical scattered verses from Mr. Worldwide. “Who has a lifetime, baby? We’ve got the night right now. When you see what I’m planning, you’re gonna call me Mr. Put It Down,” Ricky seductively sings on the hook. Not sure how much attention this will get him stateside, but Ricky can totally put it down on me anytime of the day. YAZZ PAPI!

BUY Ricky Martin’s new English single “Mr. Put It Down” (feat. Pitbull) on iTunes now!
BUY Ricky Martin’s latest Spanish album A Quien Quiera Escuchar (Deluxe) on iTunes now!


  • TG

    Pitbull ???? No please…..not this Garbage again……..Why is everybody working with this talentless Pitbull ? He ALWAYS Sounds the same ! There are sooooo many Talent out there, Mr Martin !

  • k

    ^^^I was just thinking I must be the only person who does not get the appeal of pitbull. Other than that, this is a pretty groovy song. I like Ricky’s voice.

  • Jasmine

    ^^Well Pitbull has a fan base. That does not automatically mean a hit on every song he is featured in but that is one of the reasons why Jennifer Lopez keeps featuring him over and over on her albums.

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