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Say Lou Lou Set Debut Album for April & Premiere New Single, ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’!

Since entering the musical arena in 2013, sibling-duo Say Lou Lou – who grew up in Australia and Sweden – have quickly soared to international fame and acclaim thanks to their unique twist of ethereal, dream-pop sounds. From “Julian” to “Better In The Dark” to last year’s “Everything We Touch,” the two have consistently proved why they’re deserving of so much praise. The wining streak continues with “Nothing But A Heartbeat,” the brand new single from their forthcoming full-length album Lucid Dreaming (out April 6 via À Deux Records). Led by sweeping harmonies and a crashing drum beat, “Nothing But A Heartbeat” is another perfectly crafted little pop gem, with stellar dreamy production that floats effortlessly around their lush, airy vocals. “I got no air in my lungs, got no bones in my body / There’s nothing left inside…nothing but a heartbeat,” the duo sing on the catchy hook. I absolutely love it, Lucid Dreaming will no doubt be a highlight of the year. GET INTO IT!

Pre-order Say Lou Lou’s new single “Nothing But A Heartbeat” on iTunes now!

1. Everything We Touch
2. Glitter
3. Games For Girls
4. Julian
5. Angels (Above Me)
6. Peppermint
7. Beloved
8. Hard For A Man
9. Wilder Than The Wind
10. Nothing But A Heartbeat
11. Skylights

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