Adam Lambert Announces New Album ‘The Original High’ & Sets New Single for April!

Glamberts rejoice! In celebration of his 33rd birthday, which is today (January 29), Adam Lambert has revealed some super exciting news! The American Idol season-eight runner-up and current frontman for Queen just announced the title of his upcoming third studio album (along with a brand new promo pic) on his Twitter account moments ago. . . and it’s titled The Original High! The announcement follows Adam‘s news earlier this month that he has found a new home at Warner Bros. Records after ending his deal with RCA. The record will be executive produced by hit-makers Max Martin and Shellback, with a lead single set to drop in April. “I wanted something more internal and more grounded. A little less with the theatrical and the camp and the presentation. I wanted to bring it in a bit more,” Adam told Billboard. “Being on the road with a British rock band, and being in London a lot this year, rehearsing with them and doing TV gigs, I think that has affected my sound and where we are headed with it. [Europe] is very ahead of the curve, or right on, and I was definitely influenced by that. Vocally, it’s very intimate compared to what I’ve done in the past. There is a little bit of a daring, deeper internal conflict and poetry about it.”

“I think it’s pretty clear what we’re after with these two guys (Max and Shellback). They are the masters. They are geniuses at melody,” Adam continued. “It seems so simple and it is so complex. And I love that. It’s effortless and it’s graceful. They know what the people want to hear and the best way to reach the most people is radio. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to work with them — because of their expertise in that field. I love everything they do, and was really excited to sit back down with them after having worked on For Your Entertainment.” Get ready kids – ADAM IS BACK!


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