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Marina & The Diamonds Shares Poetic New ‘Froot’ Cut, ‘Immortal’!

Marina & The Diamonds gives 2014 a proper send off with the premiere of her latest “Froot of the Month” entitled, “Immortal“! This is the third track we’ve heard from her new record following her promise to deliver a new song each month leading up to the release of the upcoming LP, Froot, which is set to hit stores on April 3 via 679 Artists and Atlantic Records. Driven by soft synths, distant echoing snaps, and a chilly tripping beat, “Immortal” is a poetic and haunting ballroom ballad that may very well be the darkest thing she’s ever written. “I’m forever chasing after time / But everyone dies, dies / If I could buy forever at a price / I would buy it twice, twice,” she softly sings. Another impressive cut from Froot, which is already shaping up to be a major highlight for 2015. GET INTO IT!

“It’s a really universal issue discussing how you leave your mark and how it’s really important to preserve memories and remember people,” Marina said about the song. “I started writing that song when I went to a war memorial in Poland. Something that somebody I was with just struck me… they said ‘It’s not a very beautiful memorial, but it deserves to be visited to keep their memory alive.’ That’s how the song – well, the lyrics – started.”

Pre-order Marina & The Diamonds third studio album Froot on iTunes and receive “Immortal” at midnight!

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