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The Veronicas Hope for ‘Real Change’ in ‘If You Love Someone’ Music Video!

The Veronicas start a love revolution in the music video premiere for their latest single “If You Love Someone“! The track is set to serve as the second official single off their upcoming self-titled third studio album, which is available everywhere now via Sony Music. “When we made the video for #IfYouLoveSomeone, it was important that we bought up issues that are worth discussing! The core thread of those msgs, revolve around integrity,” the Australian sisters wrote on their Twitter account. “To make a difference. Defend the planet. Defend human rights. Animal rights. Stand up to everyday corruption. We want to inspire you guys to join us. Ask yourself what you believe in. Ask what we can all do to make these changes in our own lives! This isn’t a backpack revolution where we slap on a few badges.. this is a call for real change. Change always starts with questions.”

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  • Casey

    They are crying about change yet have nothing but Caucasian individuals in their video. I am not saying they need to have people of every race holding hands but it makes it harder to sell when they are selling a skater, suburban stereotype.

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