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Madonna Drops Six Songs From New Album, ‘Rebel Heart’ – Pre-order Available Now!

In response to the unfortunate leak of 13 unpolished demos this week, as well as the early versions of “Rebel Heart” and “Wash All Over Me” that surfaced over Thanksgiving weekend, Madonna has went ahead and dropped a new release for pre-order on iTunes without warning at midnight (December 20). The album entitled Rebel Heart consists of 19 tracks, and there are 6 finished tracks currently available for purchase now via pre-order at iTunes and other music outlets with purchase of the album and a la carte as well.

Song titles that are currently available from the new album are lead single “Living For Love,” “Devil Pray,” “Ghosttown,” “Unapologetic Bitch,” “Illuminati” and “Bitch I’m Madonna” featuring Nicki Minaj. Production credits include hit-makers Ryan Tedder, Diplo, Kanye West, Ariel Rechtstaid, Toby Gad, and Billboard.

“I was hoping to release my new single ‘Living For Love’ on Valentine’s Day with the rest of the album coming in the Spring. I would prefer my fans to hear completed versions of some of the songs instead of the incomplete tracks that are circulating. Please consider these six songs as an early Christmas gift,” Madonna said in a statement.

Pre-order Madonna’s new album Rebel Heart on iTunes now and receive 6 new track instantly!


  • KEVolution!

    LOL…at this point, after all the gaga drama and baiting these last couple of years, clearly this is going to turn out to be a love/hate project.

    so far, i love, although i’m so-so about bitch, i’m madonna—a track i was sure i was going to totally love.

  • Tweeto

    I was so convinced Ghosttown was a Natalia Kills written track, but she hasn’t gotten credit on any of the released songs yet. I guess we’ll see how many of her songs got used on thr album!

  • bb

    wow. i just listened to the demos that are said to be from the new album and i gotta say there are some of the best songs that she has done in over a decade. rebel heart, ghost town, best night, graffiti heart, wash all over me, devil pray, body shop and inside out are the ones that i find the absolute best, and thats almost one album altogether! i hope they will all make it to the cut :-/

  • Mac

    I USED to ADORE Madonna…but since her voice changed, or she changed the way she sings, Im not a fan of her music anymore. I still think shes legendary, beautiful, and did it like no other, but I have no interest until she starts to put out GOOD music again. She used to push envelopes and be one step ahead of the game but now shes just trying to be cool cool, when she used to be the epitome of cool.

    That being said, I heard her 6 released songs and minus the obvious autotune a couple werent too too bad. Ghosttown, Living For Love, and Bitch, I’m Madonna (the correct grammar version).

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