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Becky G Shows Off Her Fierce Moves for ‘Can’t Stop Dancin’ Music Video!

If Becky G didn’t have you dancin’ in the mirror and singin’ “Shower” with her catchy summer jam, then she’s about to now with the music video premiere of her latest offering, “Can’t Stop Dancing“! The track serves as the second official single off her upcoming full-length debut album, which scheduled to be released early next year via Kemosabe Records. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the clip sees the 17-year-old Mexicana doing a lot of what the title specifically suggests. So there’s a lot of, well, dancing, as well as some gorgeous scenery, on-point hair-flips and fashion, and a couple of very strategic product placements (someone’s gotta pay for that flawless weave). Becky has truly grown on me, she’s clearly putting in the work to become a true Pop Princess and its paying off – You go girl! What do you guys think?

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  • Mikey

    I’ve been following this girl for awhile, and it’s so nice seeing her finally being recognized for all the hard work she’s put in! She’s absolutely gorgeous and this music video is on point!

  • B

    Well she s never going to be big , i m sorry but ariana grande still the big latino spot and selena gomez have her place so , maybe she is going to be a kind of sloppy third or fourth.

  • RK

    i’m sorry where was this fierce dance moves like the title says all i saw was swaying side to side and have a guy dip you around. Miley Cyrus moves more on a huge ball, sorry this wasn’t that great

    i agree with B Ariana and Selena are top girls, we’ll see where this girl goes

  • bLaine kelley

    once she grows out of that babyface she’s gunna be gorgeous!

    …sidenote: Arianna Grande is Italian. (Race is a social construct and you can get into debates about Italians being Latin@s but in real world contexts most don’t move through the world in same racialized context as Chican@s do since Italians have obtained access to whiteness)

  • Mike

    Battle of the Gomez’s? I think she kills in this video. So confident and fierce, unlike Selena who sometimes comes across as awkward. Hope she goes far.

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