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MNEK Delivers Epic New Deep House Single, ‘The Rhythm’!

Following his deliciously smooth lead single “Wrote A Song About You“, Rising British star MNEK debuts his epic new single entitled “The Rhythm“! The track is set to be featured on his upcoming debut album, which is due out early next year via Virgin and EMI Records. The song is full of infectious deep house grooves that will have you up on your feet the moment the beat drops. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter-producer truly has an effortless ability to mold his powerhouse vocals into a killer production – “The Rhythm” is further proof of that. GET FAMILIAR NOW!!



  1. Sorry mate, I don’t think this song is epic at all. Forgettable.

    1. agree
      when i read Epic + MNEK i was ready to get my wig snatched and burnt the hell up, but it is okay at best

  2. Um, lol at Bradley. Bradley is forgettable.


  3. Why am I forgettable? Because I question the use of superlatives to describe a song that is mediocre at best? It is an “o.k.” song. Nothing more, nothing less.

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