Gwen Stefani Premieres New Pharrell-Produced Single, ‘Spark the Fire’!

Just a few weeks ago, Gwen Stefani made her grand solo return with the debut of her island-flavored midtempo jam “Baby Don’t Lie“. Since then, the song hasn’t gained much attention and has only managed a #47 peak on the Billboard Hot 100, so its no surprise Gwen is ready to move onto the next. Nine years after topping the charts with “Hollaback Girl,” Gwen rekindles the flame with her fellow The Voice coach Pharrell Williams on her brand-new single “Spark the Fire“! “OMG, OMG, I’m back again / Original feel good is what I defend / I’m a believer, no I don’t pretend,” Gwen declares over Pharrell‘s signature bubbly production. The song is oozing with playful energy and Gwen sounds right at home in the addictive, chanty chorus. I’m not totally in love with this right off the bat, but the more I play it, the more I found myself jamming out. Without a doubt a grower but I still feel like something is missing. Hmmmm. What do you guys think?


  1. Archana

    Personally, I am obsessed with “Baby Don’t Lie.” I am not feelin’ this one nearly as much! :-/ But, Gwen can do no wrong so I am sure it will be a hit!

  2. wan

    Her album will flop just like Christina Aguilera. She’s too focused on the show and forget to boost up and promote her albums. For instance, Christina Aguilera never perform her breakthrough single Your Body in the show? Y? Same goes to Gwen. The show supposed to promote their song.not just too focused on their protege.

  3. John

    It’s another lackluster dud. I love Gwen and I love No Doubt. But her latest efforts with both have been a major disappointment. She has become irrelevant with the new generation and now sealed the deal of only being known as a nostalgia act. I don’t know why Gwen and Fergie didnt get better singles. Very disappointed

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