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Little Boots Premieres Unexpectedly Wild Music Video for ‘Taste It’!

Following its debut last week, UK songstress Little Boots premieres the unexpectedly wild and slightly distributing music video for “Taste It“! The track serves as the lead single off her upcoming four-track EP entitled Business Pleasure, which is due out on December 2 via her own label On Repeat. Directed by Ish Sahotay, the clip sees a non-stop array of various images gliding across the screen (plastic surgery, drugs, fast food, etc.) all while, Little Boots stares blankly in-between. Clearly a display of our society’s obsessions, the visual turns out to be quite smart, intriguing, scary, and hilarious all at once. “We wanted it to be this drawn-out reveal that’s crazy and colorful,” Boots told Elle magazine. “If you had told me [a few years ago that] I was going to be directing my videos I would have said ‘No way! I have no idea where to even start, but you amaze yourself what you can do if you’re motivated and confident and in control of things.” Well done my lady!

Pre-order Little Boots’ brand-new EP Business Pleasure on iTunes now and receive “Taste It” instantly!

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