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Fergie Finally Debuts ‘L.A.LOVE (La La)’ Music Video – Watch Now!

It’s been almost two months since it officially dropped back in September, and now, Fergie has finally decided to debut the music video for her comeback single “L.A.LOVE (La La)“! The DJ Mustard-track single, which she will perform at the 2014 American Music Awards on November 23, serves as the lead single off her upcoming sophomore solo album, due out in early 2015. Directed by Fatima Robinson, the clip follows the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman as she loads up a double-decker party bus with pals and rides through the streets of L.A., from Hollywood to Venice Beach. Looking hotter than ever, the Dutchess pays homage to her Cali roots with lowriders, cholas, and Compton’s own YG, while her famous friends including Chelsea Handler, Hilary Swank, Sevyn Streeter, Kelly Osbourne, and more tag along for the ride. GET INTO IT!

BUY Fergie’s new single “L.A.LOVE (La La) on iTunes NOW!


  • michael

    Unfortunately I think this song will be a total BOMB for her. After an eight year wait its just WEAK. 2nd she should have released this video in late spring or early summer, NOT November or Christmas season. this song and video is clearly geared toward summer!!! just confused by this whole era so far

  • KB

    I don’t know what you guys watched but I was blown away by the creativity of the visual (because let’s face it, this easily could’ve been just another club video)! I love what Fergie is bringing to the table this time around because it’s so uniquely her. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be the smash hit it deserves to be… I’m happy Fergie is back at 40-something still doing her thing. She and Gwen are what the industry has been missing.

  • Clinton

    Fergie’s first album was too massive to release a song this weak. After the dutchess and that looooong break she shoulda came back stronger. I mean everyone has been waiting her her follow up and this is what we get? She looks good in the vid. She isn’t the problem, she is a star, the material is the problem.

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