Azealia Banks Surprise-Releases Debut Album, ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ – Stream It Now!

What many of us thought would never happened, has happened. Azealia Banks has pulled a Beyoncé and surprise-released her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste to iTunes! The 16-track LP, which was was originally supposed to drop in the fall of 2012, features her breakout hit “212” featuring Lazy Jay as well as previous singles “Yung Rapunxel,” “Heavy Metal and Reflective,” and her most recent offering “Chasing Time“. Azealia announced she left Universal Music in July and went independent. Broke With Expensive Taste has been released via Banks and Prospect Park – GO GO GO!!!

BUY Azealia Banks’ debut album Broke With Expensive Taste on iTunes NOW!

1. Idle Delilah
2. Gimme a Chance
3. Desperado
4. JFK (feat. Theophilus London)
5. 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
6. Wallace”
7. Heavy Metal and Reflective
8. BBD
9. Ice Princess
10. Yung Rapunxel
11. Soda
12. Chasing Time
13. Luxury
14. Nude Beach A-Go-Go
15. Miss Amor
16. Miss Camaraderie

 photo BrokeWithExpensiveTaste_zps8680b05c.png


  1. Janus

    I wonder why 1991 was excluded, that’s arguably her best work. I’m still excited to immerse myself in this album though!

  2. Mac

    Wow. She bugged me with her comments, but I’m soooooo interested in hearing this. It could go either way. Good or bad. Hoping good! I LOVED 212.

  3. Elliot

    It’s an amazing piece of work. So creative, full of real instrumentation and rich production and quite envelope-pushing for hip-hop!

    Go, A.B.!

  4. Fouad

    She know what’s music all about! Great album! and it’s really expensive taste in music! this album on my TOP 10 list of this year

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