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Dawn Richard Announces New Album ‘Blackheart’ & Debuts ‘Blow’ Video!

Plot twist! Now that Danity Kane‘s final album, DK3, was officially released this week, former member Dawn Richard is ready to return to her solo grind. Following her 2012 solo debut Goldenheart, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter has announced plans to release her new album Blackheart on January 15, the second in her Heart trilogy. The first offering from the upcoming effort comes with the premiere of her music video for new track “Blow,” a tribal-inspired pop number packed with hard-hitting drums and futuristic electronic production. “With the help of my long time creative/business partner, Kyle Cabrol, I was able to create something we are proud of,” Dawn told Rap-Up. “This project is very special to me. We set out to redefine the term ‘independent’ and really push the limits on what could be done. We are just two people but we act as a label that has an entire staff. Both of us are extremely excited to share this art with the hearts.” Dawn has always had a strong vision musically and artistically so it’s no surprise she’s geared up and ready to move forward post Danity Kane. The video goes hard and it’s clear she’s more than ready to put in the work to make sure she’s taken seriously. I give her major props. Watch the music video for “Blow” below!

On DK: “I’m still a part of the other five — I’m never turning that down,” Dawn told Billboard. “I just think I’ve done the best that I possibly could. I did my part in releasing the [Danity Kane] album, so now all I can do is support whatever’s out there and wish everyone the best, and now continue to make great music that doesn’t affect my group. We’re not promoting it, we’re not even doing videos or anything for it, which was the decision that wasn’t my own. So I have to move forward.”

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  • NocareerwithoutDK3

    The Dk3 album is doing so well, wish Aubreys greedy lardy behind would have just got over it, without being in the band their solo careers will be a thumping flop. Dawn needs to tone down the weaves the over dancing, it’s so 2009 era. They need to reunite if they want to make any money.

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