Gwen Stefani Makes Her Grand Solo Return with ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ – Listen To The New Single!

The Harajuku Queen is back!! Since singing on as a coach for season 7 of The Voice last year, Gwen Stefani has been been dropping hints that a solo return was in the works. From her surprise appearance at the Coachella festival with Pharrell, to her collaboration with fellow Voice coach Adam Levine on Maroon 5‘s “My Heart Is Open“, to the endless recording studio visits, we all knew it was coming – so without further ado here is her brand-new single “Baby Don’t Lie“! The track will serve as the lead single off her upcoming third solo album, which will be her first since 2006′s The Sweet Escape. Produced and written alongside Benny Blanco and OneRepublic’s frontman Ryan Tedder, “Baby Don’t Lie” is a smooth and infectious pop jam driven by an enchanting chilled-out, island-flavored beat, hard-hitting drums, and summery synth work. “Baby don’t, baby don’t, baby don’t, baby don’t lie…/I don’t need to cry no longer!,” she chants on the repetitive earworm of a chorus. Sure, it doesn’t exactly sound like the big radio hit we’re all expecting upon first listen but “Baby Don’t Lie” is undeniably a great song that grows on you the more you get into it – I’m loving the breezy vibe and that quirky bridge breakdown (classic Gwen). I expect she’s saving the big ones for later 😉

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  1. number1k9

    Its alright. This would be my third listen. Def sounds better on high quality. But nothing I’m jumping for or going to be playing non stop.

    I do like that she and Fergie are releasing new music, and I am here for it in general ! ! !

  2. Idolized101

    Well let me tell you she is like Britney when she was on Xfactor. Great singer but kinda boring to watch coach. But that is ok because I am listening to her music not watching her coach.

    This track is awesome. Great job Gwen.

  3. Tom

    Let’s be honest. this track is mediocre at best. Was expecting more with the song writing and production of Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco and I really wanted a STRONG comeback for Gwen.

    Here are Fergie are both having very lukewarm comeback singles. I really hope both of them have great club banging follow up singles…. the clubs could so use another hit from the Hollaback Girl and from Ms. Fergalicious

  4. Joe

    It’s okay, but I’m disappointed. Sounds a bit generic.. I was waiting for Gwen to come back with a boom. The snippet of her on Calvin Harris’ track sounds amazing, I hope it gets released as a single.

    First Fergie’s comeback single and now this… I feel let down.

  5. Mikey

    I’m loving the track. Kind of a basic-sound, seems they went safe for radio play.

    Still has enough Gwen-flair to stand apart.

  6. ND4life

    I love Gwen… but she can do better. I want to be positive and love this track. But I agree with everyone else I feel let down and I am a huge Gwen and ND fan. I was also let down with the last ND album. It wasn’t as amazing as it should have been (I did like it tho)

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