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Nicole Scherzinger: ‘Big Fat Lie’ – Stream the Full Album Now!

With just a few days left to go until she drops Big Fat Lie, Nicole Scherzinger has decided to increase the anticipation and share an official album sampler for her second full-length solo serving, which arrives October 20 in the U.K. and in early 2015 in the U.S. via Epic Records. Executive produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, Big Fat Lie sees Nicole delivering a record that is just as much a complete shift in sound as it is a shift in lyrical content. Gone are the big pop smashes of 2011’s Killer Love, the songs are mostly mid-tempo and largely personal, as proven with the album’s revealing title track that will have you looking at Nicole in a whole different light. It features lead summer smash “Your Love“, liberating second single “On The Rocks,” and U.S lead single “Run.” Get into it below!

BUY Nicole Scherzinger’s lead U.S single “Run” on iTunes NOW!


  • Maddox

    This album is incredible. What a refreshing surprise. I don’t undestand why everyone keeps riding the Tinashe train and calling Aquarius album of the year:/…..Big Fat Lie surpasses Aquarius ten-fold and is the strongest body of work I’ve heard since Marina’s Elektra Heart, Leona’s Glassheart and Lana’s Born To Die!

    Nicole’s vocals on this record are incredible and each song is so finely crafted! I love how she experiements vocally, and the album is incredibly moody, and VIBEY! Yall need to give this woman a fair chance.

    Personally, I love the entire record, but my favorites are “Bang”, “Just A Girl”, “Girl With A Broken Heart”, “God of War”!!

  • Ryan

    You would think that after the disaster that was Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, Tricky and The Dream would be banished from the pop music industry. This entire album is WRETCHED, with the slight exception of On The Rocks. I can not believe her label has the audacity to promote such boring, uninspired crap. Expected way more from such a talented artist. Very disappointed.

  • Yohann

    This is a musical masterpiece. Ironic that Big Fat Lie is actually the most honest, truthful album out there right now. And the beats slay! Intellectual people with a good taste for quality will definetely appreciate and enjoy this refreshing take on music at this challenging times in the music industry. Radios should play this and help retain good caliber music in the air waves so that the status of the industry would be uplifted and radio people will still have jobs in the near future!

  • Shone

    I love it. Great vocals as always from Nicole, and I like that she went with Tricky/Dream for the whole album because it sounds cohesive. “Electric Blue” is my jam! I hope people give this album a chance, but Nicole doesn’t seem to have the best of luck which is a damn shame.

  • Frey

    Nicole’s snippets are giving me a R&B vibe (Tricky & Dream I’m sure) I like that and she should’ve went more that route.

    I’m SO LET DOWN in US RADIO for not realizing “YOUR LOVE” HOTNESS and potential! The Beat, lyrics, her voice, electric song. If this was a JANET comeback single, it would be believable & maybe even a smash.

    “On the Rocks” is amazing as well, and should be in rotation!

    NICOLE CAN SING. She’s just as FLAWLESS looking and dancing as Beyonce.

    I dislike the hate NICOLE gets when NICOLE basically:
    -Breathed life into PCD and sustained them to give us 2 A+ Pop records.
    -Serves Britney/Janet/Ciara level choreo
    -She’s a great singer! Nicole sings live most of the time. NICOLE SANG LIVE when she opened for BRITNEY! She was the only live female voice I heard @ that show (yes, Brit’s “Everytime” ballad sit down moment was faked)

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