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Taylor Swift Gets It Totally Right with New ‘1989’ Cut, ‘Out of the Woods’!

Following her inescapable peppy chart-topper “Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift is ready to start sharing more new music with the premiere of “Out of the Woods“! The track serves as a promotional single in support of the pre-order of her upcoming fifth studio album 1989, which is scheduled to be released on October 27 via Big Machine Records. Produced by Max Martin and written alongside fun.‘s Jack Antonoff, “Out of the Woods” sees Taylor ditching the cheery teen-pop shtick for something a little more mature and personal on this glorious number packed with a pounding beat, crashing drums, and dream-like ’80’s synths that will have you feeling all sorts of emotions all at once. “Last December, we were built to fall apart then fall back together / Your necklace hanging from my neck / The night we couldn’t quite forget / When we decided to move the furniture so we could dance / Baby, like we stood a chance / Two paper airplanes flying, flying.. and I remember thinking,” she sings before diving into the song’s epic anthemic chorus. While the fun. influence is clearly intact, the song is undeniably one of the best songs we’ve heard from Taylor yet. Consider me impressed!

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  1. The chorus is mind numbingly bad. Two sentences repeated over and over and over mindlessly. Great verses, but this song isn’t out of the woods yet. Boo T Swizzle.

  2. I actually love it. So BOO to you, Alex M! LOL

  3. The chorus is one hell of a clunker…let’s be honest. Music has gotten so bad within the last two years that we’re actually calling rubbish like THIS and Marina’s “Froot” amazing….a fucking JOKE.

  4. Sonically bland

  5. I agree with Alex. I’m a big Taylor fan and still are. The song has a nice vibe, but I’m kind of passed the repetitive chorus point. For me personally I would like the chorus different, besides that I love it. But still, I’ll probably be addicted to the songs in a couple of listens.

  6. I like it

  7. I loved her country pop stuff. I dont mind these new tracks, but I dont feel they come close to some of her previous stuff.

    1. To elaborate…I like the production and the feeling of the chorus but the repetition bothers me. It always has. Perfect example is Gorgon City’s new album; it’s produced so well, great verses, but many of the chorus are repetitive. I think it’s weak songwriting and leaves much to be desired.

  8. I personally LOVE this song. Taylor has said she is going for an 80’s synth pop sound with this new album, and the repetitive chorus fits with that. I love a bit of Swift, and this is probably one of my favourite songs she’s done so far. Wasn’t a fan of Shake it Off. Don’t hate it but was just a bit too different from her usual style.


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