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Charli XCX Embraces Her Inner ‘London Queen’ on New ‘Sucker’ Cut – Listen!

Charli XCX follows up her catchy rebellious single “Break The Rules” with her latest offering, the appropriately titled “London Queen“! The track is set to be included on her upcoming sophomore album Sucker, which is set to hit stores in the U.S on December 16 with the UK to follow on January 26 via Atlantic and Neon Gold Records. Written and produced by Justin Raisen, “London Queen” sees the 22-year-old songstress channeling her inner glam rocker on this raw, punky pop jam packed with infectious electric-guitar riffs and feisty sing-along chants. “I never thought I’d be living in the USA, doing things the American way / Never thought I’d be living in the USA, living the dream like a London queen,” Charli sings. I’m loving the punchy New Wave vibe on this one – Charli has the perfect attitude to carry this tune that immediately feels super fitting to her personality.

“I think Justin Raisen is one of the most amazing producers around right now, and he’s going to blow the fuck up in the next couple of years,” Charli told Rolling Stone, while confessing it was one of the few tracks that came to her in an almost-completed state. “That’s something that I would never usually do, take a song that’s basically almost been written for me, but it was a song that Justin made, and I was like, fuck, this song is so good and it feels like it’s about me.”

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